January 06, 2018

Heading out for a winter paddle or excursion? Be sure to layer up, understand risks and be prepared.  Proper training, clothing material, layers and food, can make the difference between a good time and and a great time! Take into consideration your sport, fellow participants and duration of time you will be outdoors before you head out. 

 Kayak Hipster

Published on Nov 28, 2015


Cold water and winter kayaking is a lot more dangerous than paddlers realize. I often hear stories of paddlers not respecting the risks that go along with cold water, so I hope this video can help make paddlers a bit safer out on the water. For further info on cold water paddling, please visit: American Canoe Association, ACA http://www.americancanoe.org/ ACA's cold water survival guide http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.american... Cold Water Bootcamp and Beyond Cold Water Bootcamp http://beyondcoldwaterbootcamp.com/ http://www.coldwaterbootcamp.com Paddle Boston's Dress for Cold Water Chart http://www.paddleboston.com/advice/dr... Please reach out with any questions Kayak Hipster http://www.kayakhipster.com Music by Aver the Mono https://open.spotify.com/artist/7vu4N...


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