April 02, 2018

Combining paddling, dogs, and manatees is a dream come true for some. Imagine taking your dogs and your SUP to visit some amazing creatures in their aquatic environment. Maria Christina Schultz did just that and was surprised and delighted by this incredible experience.


Maria, Kona, and Riley: Meeting Manatees on Florida’s Fresh Water



Story and Photos Contributed by Ruffwear Ambassador Maria Christina Schultz

Ask me what the highlight of my three-week road trip was!

Paddling with manatees and my dogs is a combination that’s been on my SUP bucket list for years. I’m stoked to say this one has been crossed off!

I’d seen manatees several times on previous trips, but the dogs had yet to share the experience with me. The first time I was on a kayak tour, and the second time I went swimming with them. Both experiences were magical; there’s something extraordinary about these beautiful gentle giants that’s hard to put into words. I couldn’t help but plan a way to bring the dogs with me the next time.

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