October 03, 2017

One man is concerned about the cruise ships entering some of our fragile marine environments. We have all seen them, those huge cruise ships that stop in ports across the world. What kind of impact do they have on the environment in those places? Should we consider stricter regulations for these huge vessels? Some are looking for the answers to these questions as they watch them crowd some of our favorite seaside ports of call.

Carmel Man Paddles to Oppose Cruise Ships Entering Monterey Bay

An outdoor ocean enthusiast paddled around a cruise ship this past week while the massive ship was anchored in the Monterey Bay.

Brent Allen, of Carmel, circled his stand-up paddleboard around the Celebrity Infinity in hopes of getting more people talking about whether large cruise ships should be allowed into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

"I noticed a floating building in the Monterey Bay that anchored for three days. I scratched my head, this is a National Marine Sanctuary? How in the world would a massive cruise ship be allowed to motor into this area?" Allen asked.

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