June 18, 2018

We all wonder about cross training during the heart of the season. How much? What should we focus on? What exercises are best? Arms, core, and lower body are crucial to success in the boat. We need to be strong and stable to provide the power for our crew. Find out what you can do to strengthen those important areas. These exercises can help off season but you might want to consider throwing these into your regime during the season as well. 

Outrigger Canoe Exercises


Though its origins are in ancient Polynesia, the outrigger canoe has garnered worldwide devotion as a racing boat for both single and team racers. Doing exercises outside of the canoe can help you keep your edge through the offseason and improve your performance on the water. Though much of paddling focuses on the arms, the abdominals and legs also have major supportive roles to play and should not be neglected.

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