Climate Change is Affecting Oxygen Levels in the Oceans

A blue marlin swims in the Sea of Cortez off Baja California. Marlin are among the fish that are crowding toward the surface in some parts of the ocean as they flee low-oxygen zones in the deep.  PHOTOGRAPH BY NORBERT WU, MINDEN PICTURES VIA NATIONAL GEOG

January 11, 2018

We all have read a lot about climate change and. its effects on the environment. Now new studies are showing that the increase in water temperature in our oceans is decreasing the oxygen levels for marine life. The concern is that there are several huge areas of the ocean where oxygen levels are so low that marine life are actually suffocating. 

Climate Change Is Suffocating Large Parts of the Ocean

A new study says warming has reduced the oxygen levels in large swaths of the deep ocean, threatening marine life around the world.

One day more than a decade ago, Eric Prince was studying the tracks of tagged fish when he noticed something odd. Blue marlin off the southeastern United States would dive a half-mile deep chasing prey. The same species off Costa Rica and Guatemala stayed near the surface, rarely dropping more than a few hundred feet.

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