February 27, 2018

We have all become aware of the deleterious effects plastics have on our environment. Brent Allen has spearheaded the movement to keep plastics out of our oceans. Communities are starting to get on board by amending city ordinances to prevent or at least reduce the use of plastics that negatively impact the marine environments in their areas. 


2018 Carmel , CA Joins the Fight to Reduce Single Use Plastics on Our Coast

February 11, 2018

These times they are a changing . The evolution of awareness and action to protect the Monterey Bay have required great vigilance from the communities that surround it . The Monterey Bay became  part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary established in 1992.
In 1989 the City of Santa Cruz , CA had great foresight on issues that were polluting the Monterey Bay . Polystyrene (styrofoam ) and now we are clearly aware single use plastics once in the ocean do not go away . These things have collectively over many years been poisoning and killing our marine life . The City of Santa Cruz recently amended their ordinance in 2017.

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