Brad Domke Ditches Skimboard for Paddle-In Session at Pe'ahi - KIALOA

January 16, 2017

Sometimes this sport is just mind boggling.  The evolution of how one trains and ends up in waves this massive would be quite interesting.
by Chris Mauro on

Surfing's latest showman is building a case for \Brad Domke should be taken very seriously after his Pe'ahi performances. - WSL

Photos courtesy Aaron Lynton

Last year Brad Domke blew the world away with his skimboarding sessions at Puerto Escondido, Teahupo'o, and Nazaré.

Last week he took his act to Pe'ahi, and the results were equally mind-blowing.

Brad Domke tests his mettle on a skimboard at the massive wave in Maui. Video by Shannon Reporting.

Yet ever since Domke burst onto the scene many wondered how he'd fare on a "regular" surfboard.

Well wonder no more...

He's more than just a skimboarder. Photo: LyntonBrad Domke had a bit more rail to rely on Saturday at Jaws. - WSL


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