June 22, 2017

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have the whole beach to yourself? To be able to choose any wave that you wanted because you were the only one there? Sometimes you can find these incredible conditions where you least expect them.

Kailua Oahu, Flat Island SUP & Surf from Michael Gulden on Vimeo.

Backyard Dream Session: SUP Surfing In Solitude on Oahu

June 16, 2017


What’s our most common dream?

A remote tropical island with a private, warm-water pointbreak and only our buddies to SUP surf with has got to take the cake.

If you’re used to paddling out in places like Southern California, Hossegor, Florida, the Gold Coast, Hawaii or just about any other SUP surfing hub—where the crowds are aplenty and the solitude seldom—we’re guessing you share that dream.

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