Baja Spearfishing and Surfing - KIALOA

May 30, 2018

Baja, a dream come true for paddlers, spear fisherman, and surfers. This video encapsulates the feelings you have when you discover this beautiful, one of a kind place. If you can't get there yourself,  live through these two vicariously. 





Baja California is the land of dreams for adventure-minded folks. At 800 miles long, the peninsula is blessed with sweeping desert vistas, remote coastlines and virgin landscapes that have yet to be spoiled by the development of the modern world. Naturally, stroking through these pristine waters can elicit those rare feelings of escape from the modern-day grind and harmony with the natural world.

At least, that was the case for paddlers Morgan Mason and Whitney Hassett. The duo spent time surfing, spearfishing, paddling and exploring this dreamscape coastline. Tagging along was videographer Aaron Colossi, who tracked their aquatic adventures to capture the true essence of a Baja adventure.

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