September 26, 2017

Kids are starting and participating in physical activity and athletics much earlier in life.  Understanding how to regulate your child's participation from a health and safety standpoint is essential for their developing bodies.


Athletic Training for Kids


With the competitive nature of children's athletics, parents are starting to train and condition their children at earlier ages. While conditioning for kids is important for athletic performance, it is essential to make sure these junior athletes receive safe, proper instruction to prevent injury and ensure proper mechanics for growing bodies. Knowing how to approach a properly designed program for your child is essential.

Physical Activity Versus Physical Education

Before beginning your child in a training program, learn the difference between physical activity and physical education because both are important to include. According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, physical activity is any type of bodily movement. Activities include movements such as jumping rope, raking leaves and playing on the playground. The NASPE recommends that your child participates in 60 minutes per day of physical activity that raises the heart rate and causes heavier breathing. Physical education is specifically designed to provide learning opportunities, appropriate instruction, and meaningful, challenging activities for children. The NASPE recommends elementary-aged children participate in 150 minutes and middle/high school children participate in 225 minutes of instructional education per week.

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