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July 12, 2017

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Join 'Elele Lindsay Lambert as she takes you through the eight essential yoga poses on a to build a foundation on a SUP paddleboard.

8 Essential SUP Yoga Poses

July 12, 2017

Lindsay Lambert is a certified Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Instructor and PaddleFit Core coach through Bliss Paddle Yoga™. Today on the blog she shares eight essential yoga poses to start building a foundation for SUP Paddleboard Yoga.

Getting Started

Be prepared to get wet. At the very least, your feet will touch the water as you launch the board from the beach or shore, so don’t be afraid. When getting onto the paddleboard, focus on the center of the board (where the handle is located). Take one knee onto the paddleboard, then the other knee onto the board so that you are on hands-and-knees or Table Pose. Take a moment to make sure that you’re centered on the board and patiently adjust accordingly.

The center of the board is the most stable place for your body to be so it’s important to make sure your body is centered on the board in each pose.

Honor your body, let go of judgment and comparison, and begin your practice with an open heart and patient mind.

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