January 24, 2018

Meet an artist that combines cultural influences and his love of the ocean to produce incredible art. Greg "PNUT" Galinsky created the newest prints for OKIINO leggings and Vans footwear. Follow the "Read More" link below to peek into the Okiino Design Lab and see the creative concepts in progress.


A World of Good Vibes with Greg "PNUT" Galinsky

OKIINO is inspired by worldly cultures and influences, and we collaborate with artists who share a similar love and respect for the world and people around us. Meet artist Greg "PNUT" Galinsky, the creator of our newest print, CULTURA.


PNUT beautifies the world through his epic artwork on all scales.  The world is his medium -- from street art and building murals, to walking art on Vans footwear and OKIINO leggings.  PNUT is influenced by his home base in California and global cultures alike.  And his work has a natural fluidity from his love of skating, surfing, music, and the ocean.

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