November 21, 2017

Most surfers just starting out get to a point where they need to be able to master the bottom turn to keep their ride going. It is not always about the technique but about preparing our bodies to be able to physically master the moves. This exercise and the stretches that go with it can prepare surfers for a smooth bottom turn to up their game.


How the Lateral Lunge Will Help Smooth Out that Bottom Turn


Most of the beginner and intermediate surfers I talk to have a consistent issue with their bottom turn. Once they start riding steeper waves, they tend to have a problem making a fast and powerful bottom turn to set themselves up for the rest of the wave.

I’ve found this exercise works some of the same muscle groups we use to keep our weight on our back leg before a solid bottom turn, setting you up for more speed and the chance to start linking sections together as you move down the line. Doing this lateral lunge (three sets of eight reps on each side daily) will improve your ability to transfer weight more fluidly. If you feel your inner thighs are too tight, add in the frog stretch every day (for at least two weeks) to build up more strength and stretch your inner thighs. Training this muscle group will make a huge difference in your ability to make that bottom turn consistently.

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