June 19, 2017

After three years, 60,000 nautical miles, 150 ports, 23 nations & territories, 1 iconic canoe, 1 island earth, the infamous Hokule'a completes it's epic voyage around the world.  As the beautiful boat arrived in Oahu’s south shore, a once in a lifetime voyage comes to a close but continues the historic tradition of sustainable way-finding and training of future generations. There is deep meaning in this voyage for Hawaiian culture and the boat will continue to sail, share and educate. 

‘The Hokuleʻa is Home’


1:05 p.m.

In a passionate, emotional speech, Polynesian Voyaging Society president Nainoa Thompson remembered the people who were instrumental in the history of the Hokule’a while stressing the importance of passing down the lessons and skills learned from the voyaging canoe to the next generations.

He remembered and honored the inspiration of his father Myron “Pinky” Thompson, legendary crewmember Eddie Aikau, astronaut Charles Lacy Veach, navigator Mau Piailug and anthropologist Ben Finney, among many others.

Near the end of his remarks, the lei-bedecked Thompson, who is a pwo (master) navigator, said, “I’m very humbled and very proud to tell you that the Hokule’a is home.”

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