October 17, 2017

Would you believe a shipwreck could provide a perfect undersea environment? Sometimes the most unlikely places provide a home for living things to thrive. This shipwreck was a perfect place for marine creatures to build a niche for themselves. 

Historic Shipwreck Transformed Into Thriving Marine Refuge

Nearly 100 years after the SS Cuba sank to the bottom of the ocean, video shows how marine life have made the shipwreck their home.


While sailing to San Francisco on a foggy night in September 1923, the SS Cuba sank to the bottom of the ocean near San Miguel Island, a small landform lying just southwest of Santa Barbara, California.

Though all the ship's passengers and crew members were saved, the ship has remained at the bottom of the ocean for the past 94 years. The waters are now part of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and a protected U.S. national park.

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