November 09, 2017

Inspiring before and after photos of what can be accomplished with a vision and man power. Trash in our water is very widespread and we must continue to tackle the issue full speed ahead.

by Coconuts Jakarta on

There is plenty to criticize about the Jakarta Government’s handling of the problems plaguing our city. But one area where the government has been doing great work recently is in cleaning up the capital’s rivers. Once fetid floating trash dumps, many of the city’s rivers are now clear of debris and flowing freely. 

We’ve shown you photos of the remarkable results of the Sanitation Department’s efforts to clear the trash choked rivers before, but it’s even more impressive when you see before-and-after pics of how bad they were before and how clean they are now. These amazing shots by photographer Wawan Hadi Prabowo were originally published by Kompas and were recently uploaded to on the Jakarta Government’s official Facebook page.

Pintu Air Manggarai

Kali Besar 

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