November 17, 2017

An Insider’s Guide to Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast


Deep blue water stretching into the distance. Rocky coastlines where mountains push up against the sea. Terracotta rooftops cascading down bright green hills. Islands silhouetted by fiery sunsets. And fortresses dotted across the landscape, towering above the valleys on a hilltop or settled against the sea with holes in their walls for cannon fire.

This is Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast—a place where natural beauty, dark and ancient history, and now a booming tourist trade collide.

In the past few years, what was once a sleepy off-the-beaten-track destination has become a beloved favorite for travelers from around the world. Cruise ships pull into the harbors nearly year-round. Tour groups stop to walk the ancient city walls. And more and more people add the coast to their bucket lists each year.

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