March 29, 2017

Can Adam Sandler surf?  A little humor on growing up around the water and hanging with surfers.

Adam Sandler has a Funny Story About Being a Terrible Surfer

by Ryan Brower on

Lots of celebrities try their hand at surfing. It’s one of those things that celebrities do from time-to-time like a fashion trend.

Comedian Adam Sandler got on that train in the early 2000s and was consistently seen giving it a go at Malibu. He was on the “Conan” show this week and talked to Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter about his last surfing experience at the iconic Southern California spot.

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Sandler starts off by calling himself “terrible” at surfing and then goes into a bit of an etiquette lesson before telling the story. Essentially, Sandler had cut off a big guy who was actually a truck driver on a wave. Sandler eventually felt the man’s hands on his butt before the truck driver launched Sandler out the back and off the wave.

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When Sandler came up he found the truck driver still on the wave and staring directly at him giving him the finger. Sandler does admit he cut the guy off and shouldn’t have done it.

While a surfer cutting off another surfer at Malibu is nothing new, it is a funny story to hear that Sandler had his butt grabbed first before being launched. We’d be interested in hearing the truck driver’s take on this one and if he knew it was Adam Sandler or not.

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