February 28, 2018

What should we eat before our competition? Whether you are an amateur athlete or a high level competitive athlete, it is important to eat well. Most of us have a breakfast routine that works for us. If you keep changing it up, you might want to see what others are doing to meet their nutritional needs. 

The Simple Meal That's Powering Team USA

Oats, eggs, and coffee reign supreme

Team USA is on the ground in Pyeongchang, South Korea, primed and ready to compete on the world’s largest stage. As a staff prone to geeking out about how nutrition affects performance, we were especially curious to learn what the elites eat before their events.

We reached out to a number of Winter Olympians—everyone from Steve Langton, a 6'2", 227-pound bobsled push-man—to Madison Chock, a 5'2", 102-pound ice dancer, and many of the builds in between. Given the wildly different demands of each sport and the varying body types of each athlete (not to mention their unique taste preferences), we expected to get back a list of foods that reflected a similar variety. Instead, we found that nearly every athlete we spoke to eats some twist on the same foundational formula. Which raises the question: What is that basic lineup?

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