July 27, 2017

If you are thinking about doing an epic race, need a long term goal, are yearning for something to challenge you both physically and mentally, consider doing this race. We all need goals to keep us motivated. Sometimes thinking long term and outside of the box is just the answer. This race challenges competitors to paddle through eleven cities over the course of five days. It is grueling and challenges even the toughest paddlers. The intrinsic reward of saying that you finished the race and enjoyed an adventure is priceless. 

Countdown: The 11 City Tour Is Only 100 Days Away (Time to Start Training…)

The countdown to “The Ultimate Challenge” in the world of stand up paddling has just begun: there’s exactly 100 days until the 9th Annual SUP 11 City Tour, the adventure race that pushes paddlers to the limit both physically and mentally through five long stages across five very long days.

Covering 220km, the 11 Cities has become an iconic part of the racing calendar by offering a unique challenge that is as much a personal quest as it is a race.

From September 13th-17th, paddlers from across Europe and all around the world are going to wind their way around the rural Dutch province of Friesland while experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions: you will both love and hate the 11 Cities at the same time.

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