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January 11, 2017

A Paddlers Expectations - by: Vic Anthony Allen. What exactly is on my mind when I enter the water and train; what are the driving forces, my purposes.


What do I want to achieve, what do I expect, what will I accept?
I hate it when I get all intellectual, rational and analytical.
Enter water,paddle hard,feel good, go home. What more is there to say?
Guess that's why we're blessed with intelligence, that we might question and wonder, develop and resolve.
Does that mean I have to answer the dopey questions I presented earlier? Yes!
I'll give it my best shot... remember, I'm no B-29, said the B-59 to the wind and rain and fire.

What's on my mind when I get in the water?
First and foremost, I review my physical and mental capacities to ascertain my ability to
train well or at all on the particular day. That I shall train is not a given, as it was
only a few years ago.
If I don't pass muster, I think tomorrow. Tomorrow always comes, so far.
It's very important I'm sufficiently fueled (mahalo Hammer Nutrition it works), I have my
paddle (mahalo Kialoa Paddles ), I'm appropriately attired (fav sunglasses mahalo Maui Jim),
I have a notion of my workouts (stressing on technique, willing muscle groups, agreeable
workout... including sprints , distance ) and a psyche (psychological prep) is in the works!

What are my driving forces, my purposes?
Beyond technique, endurance,power and menacing, I want to complete the workout without
disaster and get home in one piece. Just kidding... I pass on menacing.
The workouts are all about the performance of the right movements, the blend and flow,
the groove and finesse, crisp, calculated exertion, total involvement with maximum
training appreciation.
Think taste and flavor to a chef, consistency, aroma, texture and appeal of presentation
of an exotic dish...MMMM, you're drooling!! Ha.

What do I want to achieve?
Oh, that I might add to this ordinary life. More directly, I want immortality, wealth,
power and a female puppy. Just the puppy would probably do fine.

What do I expect?
Another workout, a decent pump, solace of the body, mind and spirit, temporary evasion of
guilt, a slice of fulfillment, a scoop of satisfaction, a dash of exhilaration, a nod of
knowing from another deranged paddler across the water, obsessive overtraining and the
barest maintenance of muscle and might topped off with two miles of maddening traffic
thru Kapa'a on the way home... UGGH!

What will I accept?
Whatever I can get, 8-15 miles of selectively random movements with a minimum of 80-percent
focus and exertion, survival with a grin and exiting the va'a on my own two feet!

Cya on da water..never a pun intended...ha!

What are your expectations?

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