October 11, 2017

Here is a great exercise to strengthen your back and help your surfing. This exercise will help in all aspects of your life and is not isolated to surfing. Check it out, try it, and enjoy a new feeling of back strength and mobility.

How Your Back Is Keeping You from Paddling Faster and What You Can Do About it

Surfing is at least 80% paddling. That may not be sexy, but it’s true. Paddling is what puts you in position to ride on top of the waves and feel the freedom that surfing can give you, yet I regularly see so many people complain about how quickly they get tired while paddling.

The first basic mistake of paddling is this: If your back is not in hyperextension, you will get tired much faster than necessary. Having the right posture while paddling can help your power, speed, and endurance. The great news is this is actually easy to improve.


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