March 20, 2017

While everyone is looking for the latest and greatest place to travel and explore or the masses are headed to Cabo to drink their break away, look elsewhere for a good time. For most of us, our time is precious and we wish to spend our time off in meaningful ways.  Take a look at these great outdoor alternatives for a new adventure.

4 Great Outdoor Alternatives to Spring Break

by Jon Coen on

Yes, it’s March. And while you’re filling out your NCAA Tourney bracket, thousands of college kids are making the pilgrimage south (likely in pajama pants) for warmer climates, foam parties, all while raising their fists in the air in the holy name of spring break.

But if you’ve got a week off this semester (or a few days away from your job in the real world) maybe you’re not into who can chug the most Jungle Juice and rocking karaoke to Miley Cyrus songs.

Here are some alternative, warm-weather alternatives for those who love the outdoors beyond a one-hour personal watercraft rental.

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort Detoxify and Transform Retreat


For the mind and body, not for mind-altering body shots. Photo: Courtesy of Bodhi Tree Yoga Retreat

Where: Nosara, Costa Rica

When: March 18-25

This is about as far as you can get from seeing who can blow the highest blood alcohol level on Florida’s Panhandle … Probably a little prettier too.

Body Tree Yoga offers up a chance to acknowledging one’s spiritual path through detoxification and transformation. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the jungle, you’ll partake in twice daily meditations, three yoga classes, onsite coaching, workshops, massage, a surf lesson and fresh juices.

All meals are included at this transformative retreat, taught by Colynn Vosburgh and Dana Schulstad

Jackson Hole Rendezvous


Shred and rock with the Zac Brown Band. Photo: Courtesy of

Where: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

When: March 16-19

Jackson Hole is widely regarded as some of the most amazing natural terrain in North America, a bucket list spot for skiers and snowboarders.

It’s not the first spot you would go to for bands and such, but when you’ve got national artists coming through town, it’s the best of everything.

The Zac Brown Band will play this sixth annual spring lifestyle and music festival. Ride all day; rock all night. While Brown headlines the event ($40) the rest of the bands and festival are free. And you don’t have to worry about anyone peeing in the pool.

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