February 08, 2018

Sport specific training means you are training specifically to one's own sport or activity. As individuals, there are many ways to train but most importantly one should engage in practice to improve skills in a particular sport. Read, study, get in the boat, practice, build your skills via mentors, coaches and teammates but most of all - practice makes perfect.

by Kristin Stickels on paddlechica.com

Whether you are new to paddling or a veteran on the boat, if you are serious about the sport of dragon boating you are continuously seeking out ways to elevate your paddling ability. Approach your training as a learning opportunity and focus on each practice session as a chance to develop your skills. Here are three elements of training that every paddler should embrace:


Your training is a continuous journey towards a goal (or multiple goals).  Depending on your individual progression, you will inevitably have peaks and valleys in your training. But your talent as a paddler is constantly evolving and moving forward, assuming you are putting in the time and effort. For some paddlers, their journey is a quick, steep path of growth. For others, it is a slower, steady route. It is important to recognize your own personal evolution as a paddler to ensure that you are on the right track towards achieving your goal(s). Be patient with yourself and resist the urge to compare yourself to others. Examine your own goals and your personal progress towards them.

If you feel like you have hit a plateau, perhaps it is time to evaluate a few things:
1) Are you attending training sessions regularly?
2) Are you remaining focused on your training when you are at practice?
3) Are you internalizing and retaining the instruction presented by the coach?
4) Are you putting in time off the boat working on your strength and endurance?
5) Are you keeping an eye on your goals?

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