January 11, 2017

2016 Student Scholarship Awards have been revealed! Thank you to all that participated and congratulations to the five lucky winners!  This year we have included the winning submissions on our website for all to view and enjoy! We will be sharing the winners one at a time on the KIALOA Facebook the next few weeks.

For 13 years, KIALOA has extended the opportunity for students ages 18 and under to express their love for the Hawaiian Outrigger Culture.  We believe at KIALOA that when you paddle outrigger canoes you become a part of the ocean, land and people of Hawaii.  The Live Like You Paddle Scholarship is an opportunity for students 18 and under to express their love for the Hawaiian Outrigger Culture.  The top 5 students who can express this love of paddling win a free KIALOA paddle.

Students are encouraged and invited to creatively express their love of Outrigger paddling and how it connects them with Hawaiian culture.  Submissions can be in the form of an essay, collage, music, art, video, poem or any other way in which the student can best portray this connection.

In addition to the creative piece, submissions must include a student application and recommendation from a teacher or coach expressing how great each student is and why this student deserves to be a winner.

Once all submissions are in-house, they are thoughtfully presented at our KIALOA headquarters in Bend, Oregon. The KIALOA team reviews and individually votes using a scorecard based on the following:

  1. Submission Criteria
  2. Originality
  3. Creativity
  4. Appropriate skill and effort relative to the age

Winners are chosen for having created the most original way to express their love for Outrigger. Once notified, the winners can choose any Hybrid, wood canoe paddle or steering paddle in our current year product line-up!

We look forward to continuing our Student Scholarship Program in 2017!

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